Tyler Stewart


The TEEDHAZE team includes 20 Real Estate specialists who handle each facet of your real estate transaction from initial consultation to close of escrow. The TEEDHAZE group makes up one of the top agent teams at Sotheby’s International Realty, having sold over 200 million dollars in property this year alone. They proudly combine a unique skillset with this prestigious global brand—the result takes Real Estate up several notches.

We all grow up playing team sports and having it instilled in us that without your teammates you can not get the ball into the goal or even to the other side of the field.  We learn that collaboration creates strength and that as a team we are stronger and can accomplish more than we can alone. But at some point in our development we are taught that you should be independent and should not rely on others.  

In 2002, I met Rick Teed in a spinning class.  A place where people came for comradery while they pushed themselves psychically.  Rick became a friend and ultimately my real estate alley for 12 years and several real estate purchases.  As a former professional athlete I too learned that without your “team” you can not perform at your highest level.  When I moved into the Real Estate arena professionally Rick urged me to come work with him, that he would teach me and show me how to help clients the way he had helped me.

I work on the TeedHaze team because I believe in “We”!  I believe that alone we are a person.  But as a team of very experienced professionals, like Rick and Butch,  “We” can create a synergy and a strong sense of commitment that will generate a performance greater than the sum of any any of us alone.

Real Estate is an industry that is much more complex than it appears and each deal is completely different bringing its own unique challenges.  To be able to bring together the wealth of knowledge of many, to bounce ideas off those you trust, to be able to pass the ball to the one closest to the goal is why I believe in Team and I am a part of TeedHaze.